All Images are for sale as Limited Edition Prints.
Approximate size of the prints is 24X36 and 44X60, depending on the image.

Signed Limited Editions of 100: 

Size 24X36

Limited Edition Numbers: 1 to 49-  $1000.00

Limited Edition Numbers: 50 to 100- $2000.00

Signed Limited Editions of 50:  

Size 44X60 

Limited Edition Numbers: 1 to 29- $2500.00

Limited Edition Numbers: 30 to 50-$4000.00

Signed Limited Editions of 10: $10.000.00

Please call to enquiry about availability.

Philip Holt Art

Philip Holt is an award-winning commercial and art photographer based in New York. wall art,photo prints,still life,manhattan bridges,blow me, gourds, nature,
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